Thursday, September 30, 2010


Day slow
day not moving

Getting paid
A little

Day slow
very slow

Time moving
very, very, so slow

Will not move

Energy not here

Anywhere else

Somewhere else
Getting paid --- a little

Getting by
Making do


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The other

The Other

You ain't from here
I don't like you

You ain't from here
I don't trust you

You ain't from here
I am not going to get to know you

You help me
I start to trust you

You feed me
You listen

We talk
We cry
We laugh
We hug

I am so happy you got to know me
You are my friend.


This is is going to be the opening words for immigration service at Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church -- I like it.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cities with Rooftops

2nd attempt at Jazz/NYC poem

On cities with rooftops contemplating Jazz

A symphony

A Symphony

Paint splatted
Cheap Rent
Cheap Dreams

Paint on what you can find
Make do
Make it work

Have fun
dangerous fun

Hope to get recognized
Hope to get known

Dirty Manhattan
Full of freaks
Full of love
Full of drugs
Full of sex



Chase your dreams
Its all you have

Top 11 favorite dishes -- Portland-land

These are not in any particular order and would love to hear your suggestions.

1)Curried Crab Soup -- Pepperclub, Middle Street, Portland, ME -- delicious, one of the most memorable things I have had here. Would be one of my regulars if lived closer.

2)Poutine, Frog and Turtle, Bridge Street, Westbrook, ME -- I have had better or worse nights with this but one of the best things I have had in Maine. This is also the first poutine I have had --- mmm cheese curds, fries and gravy

3) Pho, Thanh Thanh 2, Forest Avenue, Portland -- My favorite pho in town so far, although I prefer the rest of the food and the service at Saigon across the street. Much better broth and more meat then at Saigon.

4) Fresh Donuts, The French Press, Main Street, Westbrook -- they also serve these at the Frog and Turtle for Sunday brunch -- the 3 I always get are Maple-Bacon, Elvis (banana, chocolate and peanut butter) and the Cinnamon Sugar. I also love getting coffee and sandwiches, breakfast here.

5) Ham and Anchovy Small Pizza, Angelone's, Main St, Westbrook -- Across the street from where I live. Very fresh tasting, call this my salt-lick pizza. Also has location on Washington Avenue (off peninsula) in Portland -- haven't tried it there.

6) Seafood Vietnamese Noodle, Saigon, Forest Avenue, Portland, --- Absolutely delicious from one of my great discoveries recently. Love the service here, this is my favorite dish so far, satisfying, spicy, delicious

7) Chicago Dog Meal Deal, Chicago Dogs, Route 1, Scarborough, -- Love the relish and snap of this dog, with excellent fries and draft Eli's Root Beer -- really delicious, nice atmosphere -- wish was still at Clark's Pond -- just south of Route 1 and 114

8) Meat Papusa, Tu Casa, Washington Ave, Portland, ME -- another one of my great finds recently. One of the most cravable things in Portland -- even better on the deck on a nice day. Its a filled masa cake with meat, some swear by the cheese papusas. Really good. Odd that a Salvadoran place is my favorite Mexican place in Portland. Reminds me of Mexican places in LA, family owned, speak Spanish, fresh, simple, delicious. Other Mexican places in Portland area, good for chips, salsa and beer.

9) Moo Shu Pork, China Villa, Main Street, Westbrook -- this resteraunt has some tables but you mainly go to get take out and delivery. One of the places me and Lanna go to the most. Very good, huge, huge portions. Party tip -- flour tortillas work well if don't get enough Chinese "pancakes"

10) Small plates, Nosh, Congress Street, Portland --- did have my first hiccup with the meatloaf sandwich as Nosh, but have been very, very happy with small plates including: egg, couscous, beets, poutine, onion strings, tuna ceviche, oysters. Love that this is available in downtown and open late.

11) Hot Pastrami Special, Full Belly Deli, Brighton Ave, Portland -- delicious hot pastrami the best I can remember, grew up in New Jersey. Salty, flavorful, delicious. Also love the potato salad, and cole slaw with the special.

So those are my 11 -- do you have any favorites I need to try?