Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Happy December

Happy December .. that came fast.

Been on the facebook a lot of late.

Working 11 out of 12 days too from Nov 25th to Saturday ... but a bunch are half or short days so not so bad ...

Nice to see the parents too .. and that my dad's Glioblasoma Malforma (nasty form on brain cancer) is still in remission... He can drive, alert and that makes me very thankful.

Also went to great church service on Sunday with the 'rents and was thankful that I am good at being alone and embracing the peace that can bring (service was Embracing Loneliness)

And if you get a chance to take your parents out for dinner and drinks I highly recommend it (even if makes them pay for things they really don't have to.)


p.s. Promise to do more blogs besides just SG

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