Friday, November 19, 2010

On Abundance

This is a piece and opening words for a church service on abundance.

On Abundance

In this time of Thanksgiving and the holidays we think of abundance with the abundant harvest; abundant family and abundant friends.

If we have this we are lucky for there are many other abundances

Abundance of thirst
Abundance of hunger
Abundance of sadness
of loneliness

Abundance of tears
of apathy
of madness

Abudance of money
of food
of friends
of respect
It’s the positive part of abundance that we tend to think of. That we are a rich nation with rich resources.

But don’t forget how hard this time of year can be for those with scarcity, with depression, with broken hearts.

Use your abundant spirit to help their broken spirits.
And make the gladness in your heart even more abundant.
Thank you.
by Edmund Davis-Quinn

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