Thursday, March 31, 2011

Surfing the Idiocracy

Learn how to talk
Learn how to speak
Learn how to learn
Improve yourself

Don't gorge yourself on reality TV
Don't have a situation
There is more to life then tanning,
working out and humping like bunnies

Use your brain
Use your mind
Get interesting
Learn something, learn anything

Read a fucking book
Expand yourself

Looks fade
beauty improves
minds improve
Let yourself expand

Television is the drug of the nation
But raise your standard.
Don't bathe in the narcotic glow
Don't make reality stars your role models.

Free your mind
And the rest will follow
Don't be so shallow

We all need to unplug
me especially.

Edmund Davis-Quinn
Copyright 2011


~lannalee~ said...

Love it, babe. This is a nice one!

~lannalee~ said...

Not that your other ones aren't nice.

No Filter: The Book said...

I like it too