Friday, April 12, 2013

A Velvet Revolution, Led by Poets

In honor of my first chapbook printing soon this morning and since it costs me no money, I am releasing every poem I have enjoy.  If you like them and feel inspired by any of them please write. Write and Write again.  I want you to listed to the words of one of my heroes Roger Ebert and write until your thought ends and then just don't write.  Eat, drink a beer, have coffee, walk, run, talk on the phone. Just don't turn on the TV.

Let's make the world a better place together. Agape.  In the words of Bill and Ted "Be Excellent to Each Other".  In the words of Wil Wheaton "Don't Be a Dick."

It's not that hard to live a good life.  If you feel the wind blowing in your face on a dog beach watching the water and seeing dogs run into your shopping bag for pretzels, just throw them some pretzels and wonder at the beauty of dogs in a dog beach.

Man and dog are companions for a reason.  A toddler and a puppy have the same energy.  If you have the time and space and attention for a dog get one, I wish I did just like my hero Roger Ebert.

And end Orwellian speech.  The thirty year legacy of the trickle up economics of Ronald Reagan, Fox News, Exxon Mobil and Wal-Mart needs to end.  Corporations are not people.

Poets apply to Standard and Poor's.  You are observers.  You notice things.  Things others don't see.

You don't give a shit what the boss thinks. It's a skill use it.

We are performers, lets do improv and theatre training.  Let's make performances let's do tributes to the poets I like.

I would LOVE to read for instance Kurt Vonnegut's perfect encapsulation of why society is failing at a library.  The Portland Public Library basement is perfect. I want Wil Gibson and Luk O'Connor to record me reading "A Man Without a Country."

Lets make this world a better place, artists run for office, people like you.  Let's not let money rule the world anymore.

Who knows if any of this will work, but it can't get any worse then the second gilded age of 2013.  Lets end 3rd world debt from capitalist monsters like hedge funds.  Lets end the glorification of money on Fox News and NBC.  Turn off your cable and get a Roku with with either Netflix or Amazon Prime your choice.

Heck we have a performance poet as President in Barack Obama.  His speech in honor of A Congressional Medal of Honor winner said he turned "mud huts into cathderals."

Ignore the lobbyists.  Make them illegal.  Raise Capital Gains taxes to 25%, bring Estate taxes back.  Dismantle the Federal Reserve, World Bank and IMF they have all done more harm then good.

End austerity, it fails every time.  It turns recession into depressions, embrace the power of sharing and the sacred art of barter.  If you want to make this project start to happen with performance poetry please give to paypal at and share this post.  Lets start a revolution, occupy the world.  A velvet revolution of poets.

Here are my poems. My first published poem in Colleen Hoover's "Write Poorly" has sold hundreds of thousands of copies.  It's never been a better time to be an artist.

Have fun.  Blog every day. Blog every day.  And let's reset copyright law and the tax code.  People's united is illegal corporations are not people but psychopaths.

And let's end blowing up mountains for coal, and starting wars for oil.  Turn off the lights at Wal-Mart at 3am, no one is there.

For a saner world I offer my poems, let's make change happen.  I would love for this to be seen by Barack Obama, Noam Chomsky, Lawrence Lessig, Joe Sacco, Bernie Sanders, Al Franken (we look like cousins) and Chris Hedges. Make art and give freely, it's magic.

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