Saturday, April 13, 2013

I would love to say I can relish Colleen Hoover's success but while she was making hundreds of thousands of dollars she didn't pay me ANYTHING for having "Write Poorly" in her book.

We never signed a contract, you used my words and made money my first book is dedicated to you.  I just sent it to Denise Jolly, Laura Yes Yes, Lauren Zuniga ... All the poets you say you admire.

If I was your partner and you gave me 5% my year would have been easier.

My dad had an unsuccessful brain surgery in September, 2012 and was paralyzed on the left side from them until his death on April 1st.

Pay the artist.  We all know each other.

And I have contacted lawyers.

Edmund Charles Davis-Quinn
Westbrook, ME

if you think I deserved to be compensated for a best selling book please send me money on PayPal at

Colleen Hoover is an excellent writer.  I have no idea why she didn't see the need to pay me.  Make me a partner, compensate me we are friends.

Now things are going to get bad for you.  I have no idea why you never gave me ANYTHING!

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