Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Another 2,000+ words day

I am up to over 48,500 words ..

50,000 feels close.

Been a tough day.

I woke up with a flat tire.

The right front. The same one that I fixed 8 days ago!!!

But I did get a nice writing session in.

I got another 2,200 words or so in today.

It looks like I will pass 50,000 tomorrow as scheduled ;))

Here is an excerpt . It is PG-13 ...

Chapter 12
Chelsea, 7 pm ….

Tim found his way back to Math’s fabulous flat.

He smelled something wonderful cooking.

“Hi, Mathilda, Its Tim.”

“Hi, Tim, how do I look …” … Mathilda looked absolutely delightful to Tim. She wore this absolutely lovely slip that showed off her legs to full effect, and quite well showed her cleavage.

“I love this dress, but its too much sometimes for the tabloids. I bet you like it though.”

Tim tried hard not to put his tongue from waggling. He gave Mathilda a big kiss and a hug, and then said “you look radiantly beautiful tonight. The kitchen smells great too, what are you cooking.”

“Well its Vermicelli with Sausage, Spinach and Bacon. Its absolutely delightful. After that I think we should just hang out in bed and enjoy each other’s company. I also got some wonderful IPA to go with it. I sense that you are as much a beer guy as wine guy. I after all did meet you at the Great British Beer Festival. There is some Dead Guy Ale from Rogue in America and some Monty Python Bring Out Your Dead Ale from Cambridge. Didn’t we try the Bring Out Your Dead Ale after one of our many dances at the GBBF.”

“You have to respect a woman who knows her beer. Those are both quite good beers, the Monty Python stuff is absolutely amazing. As are you.”

Mathilda couldn’t believe the closeness she felt with Tim. The Sausage and Bacon were smelling wonderful, and he just loved spending time with this young man.

“So, Tim… I got you something today. Its wrapped on the counter. Why don’t you open it now while I finish dinner.”

Mathilda opened up some of the Bring Out Your Dead Ale and put a little in with the pasta. She then gave Tim some.

Timothy opened up his present. He saw a new Virgin Mobile phone. “I guess you want me to be able to keep in touch. Thank you very much, so you use so much a minute on this I guess.”

“Yes, Tim and its free in the UK to be called. The minutes cost a lot outgoing, but if this works as well as I think it might, I will get you a real phone soon.”

Thanks babe, Tim grabbed Mathilda’s butt and then licked the back of her neck. This made her squirm and jump a little.

“I like that Tim. Why don’t you sit down and make yourself comfortable. There is some baseball on the tele.”

Tim turned the game on … It was an afternoon Cubs-Cardinals game just starting. He started to watch it, but couldn’t help admiring Mathilda’s gorgeous ass. He decided to turn off the tele and get close to his girl.

“Hi, Mathilda, thanks for the present. Tim then moved his arms around Math’s waist, I hope its OK, if I help you finish dinner.”

“Its almost ready Tim. I just have to finish with the bacon and combine the meat and pasta. This stuff is really yummy.”

“Not as yummy as you, babe.”

“Thanks. I can turn the burner down for a second.” Mathilda then grabbed Tim and hugged him hard, she wanted to feel his cock squirm by her embrace. She devoured him with kisses and wanted to make his knees buckle. With this she was successful.

“Wow, Math, that was a kiss. I do love the way that dress hits your curves. Do you mind if I expose your breasts, and give them a kiss.”

“In a minute darling, let me finish dinner. You could show me your cock if you want though.”

Timothy did as he commanded, he showed Math his cock. Math looked over and said nice, she then exposed her gorgeous size 36D breasts and showed them to Tim. The seducing had already started.

Mathilda finished dinner, and went to sit next to Tim. She loved being so close to him.

“So Tim any thoughts on what you might like to do this week. I would like to spend as much time with you as I can. I enjoy every minute that we are together.”

“Well, I would love to spend time with you too. I also wish I could go back to Oxford with pride not shame. Looks like Tuesday I am meeting Edmund Fitzgerald, Wednesday we are both meeting Amanda,” Timothy can’t help smiling there, its just so naughty. “I don’t know after that, might be fun to go to Scotland. I also need to keep seeing my shrink.”

Mathilda then fed Tim some of her dinner. “Mmm, Math that is delicious. Thank you so much. Very yummy.” They then kissed again, and enjoyed some beer. The couple could not help but paw each other.
“I love kissing you and having you next to me Tim. You make me so happy. I can’t remember being happy like this in so long. But, you should eat before it gets cold.”

Tim loved this dinner. It was so yummy and so simple. Just some pasta in a cream sauce with some grilled bacon, sausage and spinach. It tasted just delightful, so did the beer, and so Mathilda’s kisses.

“So tell me something about Lord Edmund Fitzgerald. I know we are meeting tomorrow. Is there any further plans? Is there some hints you can give me? I don’t have your ass and kissable lips, but you obviously think we will like each other.”

“Well that is an excellent question. Edmund and you both have devilish senses of humour, you are both quite smart too, although I doubt you know Scottish history as well as Lord Edmund, I am not sure anyone in the world does. I would say dress impeccably, shave, listen and try to keep your emotions in control. How are your medications working out?”

“Well, the Xanax and the Risperdal make me feel pretty loopy, and I haven’t sensed anything from the Neurotonin yet. But, you’re a better medication then any of them.”

Mathilda couldn’t help but smile. Still she worried about Tim. She had heard about what happened at Oxford, and it didn’t seem the same young man as the one she had come to could she even think it, love. He was so sweet. One of the sweetest men she had ever met. And she knew that Tim and Sir Edmund would like each other, it just seemed like such a good match.

“Well, I know Sir Edmund is always looking for good talent. What do you know about Scottish History?”

“Well, I know “Braveheart”,” Tim laughs, “but seriously I know there is different regions that each produce different Scotches. I also know that the Scotch aren’t too fond of their British overlords. Scotsman and Scotswoman have always had quite an independent streak.”

“That is a good start Tim. I can tell you more over bed. So why don’t you finish your writing and we can play some Trivial Pursuit in bed. Feel free to paw me while you play.”

Tim finished his plate. It was very good. He was quite looking forward to having time with Mathilda on the bed though.

First he decided to turn on some blues and dance though. Mathilda looked so beautiful in her slip and it made Tim want to dance. He took her in her arms, gave her a full kiss, and said, “Would you like to dance, you wonderful cook.”

Mathilda blushed. Its was so sweet. “Of course, darling, but I warn you I can be pretty frisky.”So Tim and Mathilda felt the blues, sometimes dancing close, sometimes just having fun. They kept kissing and touching each other. There was also laughing, lots of laughing.

Let me know what you think.

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