Thursday, November 17, 2005

Another 2,000 words

I am now up to 38,859 ...

Of course that is only 1,800 today more or less...

Having a lot of fun with the new characters that keep coming in ...

My main man Tim is definitely quite the man-slut ... Here is an excerpt ...

He is having a lot of fun though ...

I have even figured out how I will end it ...

quick question .. should Lord Edmund Fitzgerald, Duke of Edinburgh, be a prince ...

Duke Of Edinburgh I found out is Prince Philip's title ...

I am tempted to say he had to drop the name Prince after marrying Mathilda.

I hope this makes sense to y'all ...

I hope to post the whole novel somewhere at some point ...

Its not all ready for prime time though ...

Here is the promised excerpt .. it is rated R I would say.

“Oh you know that. Lets say I have had an odd week. I think I will leave it at that. Things are definitely surreal right now.”

“That makes sense to me Tim. What are you doing with Math tonight, yes I know that is where you are off to next … I am a very perceptive woman.”

“Well, Amanda we are off to the Lotus Flower. Mathilda said it will knock my socks off.”

“MMM, that is very good. But, if you ever need a friend let me know. You are the lead in the London tabloids, it will only become more and more. Don’t worry, you’ll survive it, but you will definitely need a friend. Keep your room in Imperial College and hide if you need to.”

Tim, a tall 6’4’ man with brown hair who had become a relatively svelte-210 pounds since he had been manic, quite liked the quite cute 5’5” Amanda. She was quite British, cute, round face, brunette, with brown eyes, a nice round butt and lovely probably size D tits.

She is the very cute college girl, that many men like. If not for Math, Tim would be all over her. I mean she was sweet and totally adorable. Tim had to admit, he would love to see her naked. He was almost curious to ask Math about this, even more curiously he thinks she would probably say yes. Especially if she could see her herself. Although, she really wasn’t sure what Math type might be in women.

Mathilda Fitzgerald was a star in Britain. Tim was just an American having a bizarre week. It did feel lovely having a pint of Boddington’s with Amanda though. Maybe they could go check out some films later. He had to admit that he was quite attracted to Amanda. He didn’t know what to do, lets just keep it as friends he thought. But, he still longed to kiss her. He couldn’t help himself.

“What you thinking about Tim?”

“Oh, just how surreal this whole week has been. It is hard to be next to you and not want to kiss you.”

“Tim, you are very sweet. I would recommend against that. I am drawn to you too. Maybe you could ask Math about it. I always thought she was so sexy in the tabloids.”

This was something Tim didn’t expect. Amanda was bi??? He thought she was the “good” girl, I suppose there are always multiple levels of good. Tim had to admit that this situation sounded very “good” to him.

“Well, maybe I will ask about that. I know she has succomoned to the pleasures of woman flesh before. I have to admit that sounds like a very hot scene. I will also have to warn you that Math is quite kinky. Especially 3*3.”

“Oh mr. Tim, you are definitely a dork. Its so sweet. I could see why a woman like Mathilda Fitzgerald would be drawn to you. I expect you have had a very hard week but you are sweet, adorable, tall, and have a devilishy cute smile. I would be up for a threesome if she was.”

Tim simply couldn’t believe his luck. He didn’t know where next to take this. So he simply asked, “You wouldn’t have a picture on you would you. Wait I have my camera. I suppose a picture would be faster.”

“Strangely enough Tim, I have some school pics right here. They are very proper, but I think pretty adorable. I am definitely game. Here is my number.”

Tim felt quite conflicted. His first instinct was to smother Amanda with kisses. He really liked her. This whole weekend has been unbelievably titillating. “For some reason, I really feel like a cigar. Know any good places around here.”

“Yes Tim, I want to kiss you too. Lets just go for a little kiss. And lets step out for a bit.”

This whole thing felt very naughty to Tim. Math and Tim had never even thought of being exclusive, but this still felt a little wrong. Tim and Amanda found a little package store and had a kiss. It was quite a kiss. After it Amanda simply said, “Tell Math about me, and call me later and let me know how it went. I need to go right now, I want to take you home and have my way with you but I think you need to wait. So instead I will just go home and furiously masturbate, thinking about you and Mathilda. And of course, my chance to lick your cock and taste her pussy. I really like you Tim, but I have to go.”

“I understand. I will try to call you tonight, if not tomorrow morning. Thanks for the great day, and understanding ear.”

With that Amanda left … Tim’s watch from Geneva said 3:45. He wondered what was happening in Oxford.

He also found what he was looking for a Hoya de Monterrey double corona, and a nice coffee shop with outdoor seating. Tim put on his shades, grabbed his hat and gave himself time to smoke a good cigar. He had the book “Fever Pitch” by Nick Hornby to read, and just needed to calm down his libido for a minute. He knew it would be ignited again soon enough.

As Tim lit up his cigar, he was surprised to see his friend Catherine.

Catherine was a fellow Friedman MBA and a very nice woman. He asked how it was going.

“Fine, Tim, how are you doing. We missed you in London earlier.”

“Well that is a long story. They kicked me out. So I moved to London. Pick up a copy of the Sunday Sun and I can tell you more. Notice the cover.”

There was a newsstand right next door. “Holy shit, Tim… Is that you? Who is the foxy redhead you are with.”

“Well, if you read more you will find out that she is Mathilda Fitzgerald, the ex-wife of Lord Edmund Fitzgerald, Duke of Edinburgh.”

what do you all think ...


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