Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tabloid Tim

Looks like Tim is a tabloid star.

This book is getting very interesting.

Have done almost 3,000 words today ...

I only have about 13,000 to go.

I didn't sub today but did have really good beers at the Great Lost Bear ...

I also put an application in for LL Bean at the CareerCenter in Portland.

Not making any money this month, but I have a novel dammit.

Also need to pay $125 in excise tax for Westbrook .. .my car is 20 years old!!! .. c'mon!!



Mintyfresh said...

We bought our house in Auburn in May. Just in time for the first property tax re-evaluation in Auburn in fifteen years. Guess who's property tax just went up over $1,000 American greenbacks?

Yes, ah feel your payne.

Bonus points for Ellington, Brother Ray and Lady Day. You're allright, Mr. Quinn.

No Filter: The Book said...

well my parents are paying like $11,000 in property taxes near Princeton, NJ .. one of the reasons they are moving .... :))