Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tim-Math are in the Tabloids ...

Well evidently Mathilda Fitzgerald it a big player in the London Tabloids.

Are the papparazzi took a picture of Tim and Mathilda.

So now Tim and Math are in the Mirror and the Sun....

Here is an excerpt (so far) ...

Chapter the Ninth
Oxford, Sunday Morning, 8 am

One of the Thomas Paine students Lisa decided to pick up the tabloids today.

While she was looking at them, she saw the oddest thing.

She could have sworn she saw Timothy Thomas Higgins in the Sun and the Daily Mirror.

She had to ask Amelie. “Amelie, is that Tim? I could swear that is Tim.”

Ami had just started having her toast and coffee, her and John had a lovely night, and Amelie’s rememberances of Tim made it hotter. “Holy shit that is Tim. Who is this Mathilda Fitzgerald they are talking about?”

Lisa added, “It says here that she was the 2nd wife of Edmund Fitzgerald, the Duke of Edinburgh. Holy shit, that makes her royalty. Ms. Fitzgerald never received titled status as she was a 2nd marriage. Sir Edmund’s first wife, Magdalene Quinne, Lady of Hampton Court never allowed it.”

Alex overhears the conversation. He thinks they must be full of shit. This must be someone else they are talking about. Timothy Higgins, that piece of crap that broke down in Birmingham on Tuesday, is now on the front page of the paper? “Let me see that?”

Alex roughly grabbed the paper from Lisa. “Hey we were reading that, what’s wrong with you? Does it piss you off that you didn’t break the boy more?”

Alex yelled back, “Fuck, that is Tim. Look at the woman he is with. Maybe I helped him out by helping to get him out of this program. You know Amelie, I did help persuade Huxtable that Tim needed to be out of the program. I bet you didn’t know that. I mean the dude threatened me.”

Amelie interjected, “Alex, you are a first class asshole. Get the fuck away from me and the table.”

At this point John came in. Although he was usually a peaceful man, he always supported his wife. “Is there a problem here? Any fight with my wife goes through me? Please go back to Jane over there. And kiss her too, she really likes you, why I have no idea.”

“What’s up Ami?” John asked, “You usually don’t get riled up, like that.”

Amelie asked Lisa Cohen for the paper. “Sure sweetie, go ahead and borrow the paper. We can talk more later.”

Amelie had grown close to Lisa in London and on Tuesday. She needed to talk to someone about Tim. Lisa always seemed very sweet, and they had liked each other in the past. “Thanks Lisa, we will talk more later. I have to show John this it’s a trip.”

So Amelie and John found a table and Amelie thought, “This could get really weird, really fast John, look who is on the front cover of the Sun and the Mirror. You see that gentleman coming out of Southwicks? That is none other then Timothy Thomas Higgins.”

John interjected with a smile, “Its clear he has excellent taste. First my wife and now the trophy wife of Sir Edmund Fitzgerald, this boy Tim seems both blessed and cursed.”

“Well, John grab a little food and some tea, I want to get out of here and show you some of Oxford before too many others find out about this. I know a few students are getting back from London today. I also want to shove this in Huxtable’s face. Although who knows what that prick might do. I really thought he was a decent guy back in Fairfax, but he has been a dumb ass here.”

Ami then gave John a very nice kiss. “ I must say I am very curious what is going on with my man Tim. He is a sweet guy, troubled but sweet. I know you would have love to see him make love to me too. Lets get out of here, I want to walk around and kiss you around town. Then I want you to take me. Tie me up, and make love to me.”

John liked this part of her wife. She didn’t show it often, but when she did it was intense fireworks. They both were quite insatiable in bed, and loved to fantasize. “That sounds like a date.” John grabbed some ham in toast and had some coffee to go.

London, walking from Chelsea to Imperial College, 9 am

Timothy had an amazing night. Just unbelievable. Mathilda Fitzgerald may be one of the most exciting women, Tim has ever met. He didn’t know the backstory yet.

Tim had started to make a habit of the London tabloids.

What he saw there startled him.

First, he noticed that heads were turning toward him. Then when he was about to get a copy of the sun after first seeing a back page story about David Beckham and a Premiership preview he saw the cover.


Why would a picture of the kiss, Mathilda and I had last night be in the paper. Tim had noticed the photographers around, but assumed they would be far more interested in Mick Jagger, Tony Blair, or Meg Ryan. Why would there care about me and Math? This was truly bizarre.

And the Mirror had a similar but quite different cover. Showing another kiss, and Tim’s hand on Mathilda’s neck.


Ok, Tim was now officially freaked out. He decided to hurry it over to the Imperial College cafeteria, since he knew there breakfasts were big and cheap.


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Royalty showed up so you could use your name in the book, I bet. =0)

I love you sweetie!

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