Sunday, April 03, 2011


I've seen fire
and I've seen rain

I've seen drum circles,
worshipping fire in the rain

Feel the warmth in the drizzle,
seeing the fog hit the faces

Seeing the shadows
Feeling the spirits

Touching the land
Feeling the fire

Feeling the drum
Hearing the rhythm

We are part of a rhythm nation
Living in the love of percussion

Love of the drum
Love of the rhythm

Love of the reverberation
Love of the callous hand
of the hand drummer.

Talking through the drum
to the drummers
to the dancers
to the chanters
to the listeners keeping the spirit

Slap, bam, slap, bam, slap

Slap, bam, slap, bam, slap

Feeling the rhythm build
Warmed by the fire
Warmed by the spirit
Kept by the firetenders
Dancing through our bodies
Dancing with rhythm

Bam, slap, bam, slap, bam
bam, slap, bam, slap, bam

The rhythm moves through our hearts
Hits our nerves
Moves through the touch
Moves through the sound
Moves through the skin
Moves through the eyes
We can taste the fire, we can feel it deeply.

Dance with the fire
Dance with the rhythm
And let our spirits soar.

c) 2011 Edmund Davis-Quinn

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