Thursday, April 14, 2011

Let the book go/ Need to

Wrote this at Blue on Tuesday night, meant to post as yesterday's NaPoWrimo poem.

It's really more of me trying to get myself on the process of reading poetry off book.


Need to go from wordplay to performance
Need to make things better

Need to create
Need to develop
Need to learn
Need to create
Need to make
Need to create

Speak out
Play hard
Play big
Play in the amazement
Play with words
Trust yourself

Let yourself fail!
Let yourself get better
Not fear rejection ...

Not fear, not fear

Perform better, way better
Speak directly with the audience
Let the net go
Let the book go

not be perfect

Not be just right

Let the words play
not just read the words

Be big
Be vulnerable

Be small
be funny

Be yourself
be daring
be creative

Be magical
you can do it

you can!

So bloody well fucking do it

Go from reading to performance

Perform, Play, Perform, Play

You can do it!

(c) Edmund Davis-Quinn 2011

Dedicted to the slam poets who destroyed at the semi-final slam on Tuesday, April 12th.

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