Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I'm not jaded
not me
I'm a kid from Jersey

Nope, optimistic
that's what we are

Happy thoughts
head in the sand

No looking out
no looking to New York City or Philly
or even the big house up the block or the next town
Trying to do something, anything to get there
To get out
to see somewhere else

To be somewhere else
maybe a city kid
maybe an ex-patriot

New Jersey
is not Jersey Shore
It's not just tanning and hooking up

It's struggle
It's old tough grimy industrial cities
like Trenton, Newark, Camden and Paterson
Gorgeous old buildings, rotting, beautiful
Tough neighborhoods

Insanely rich places like: Short Hills, Rumson, Princeton ..
With manicured lawns, big properties and nothing for kids to do

New Jersey
ain't easy
it's cynical as hell
it's a state of mind

Dirty Jersey
Brutal Jersey
Pretty Jersey

It's a fucking crazy ass state to grow up.
New Jersey and you, fucked up together.

(c) 2011 Edmund Davis-Quinn

Poem went over awesome tonight at Port Veritas

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