Thursday, April 14, 2011


I am lucky
Good parents
Grew up in a good town
with good schools

awesome wife
smart, tall


I have had it pretty easy
my parents had money
I was able to go to college and graduate school


Able to have a car
have a place
have shiny things


Sometimes though I wonder how my life would be different with struggle
If I didn't have it so easy
If I was really down and out

Sure I have been unemployed
been underemployed
But I was able to ask for help and get it

I'm lucky

So lucky
that one missed blinking light at midnight
and one ticket can throw me off

Feel like it's time to move forward
time to use my talent for good
time to keep creating
time to stand up proud

I don't need to slouch
don't need to just get by

I need to be all I can be
even if I don't know what that is.

Or maybe I just don't know yet.

I do know I have to step forward
face rejection
face things not being easy

One step at a time
Life can be what you create

Let's move forward
Let's use my creative mind
Let's use my sense of play

Play for a better way
Play for a better way

(c) 2011 Edmund Davis-Quinn


Anonymous said...

Nice poem and very thought provoking.

Peter Roberts said...

well done.

No Filter: The Book said...

Thank you, thank you very much