Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Whisper words of wisdom

Let it be

Let the seasons be

Let the anger drain out

Slow down

Let the squirrels take their acorns
Let nature renew itself

Learn to let things go
Learn to let things grow

Let yourself find the next step
Let yourself move forward.

Follow the path
or explore
There is so much to see

The world is a huge place
An overwhelming place

The universe is so much bigger
Bigger in a way that we can't comprehend

Billions and Billions
Billions and Trillions

Let it be
Let us see
Let us create
Let us not hate

Sometimes liberating ourselves
is as easy as
Starting with let it be

Let it be
Faitful words of wisdom

Let it be
and let us see

(c) 2011 Edmund Davis-Quinn

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