Friday, April 22, 2011


Music is the medium,
Rhythm is the message

Feel the rhythm
Feel the flow

Feel the drum
Feel the dance

Feel in your heart
Feel in your soul

Be moved
In body, mind or spirit.

Let the rhythm let you sing
Let the rhythm make you dance
Let the rhythm help you play
Play with the rhythm

Dancer, Drummer, Singer, Shaman

Play with the the rhythm
Let nature hear it
Let nature play

Let nature inform the circle
Music helps us play
Fire helps us play
Created space help us play

Feel the rhythm
Feel the music
Hear the message
Play with the beat

Be still

All are part of the song
All are part of the spirit
All are part of the harmony

The circle is open, but not broken

Feel the music
Feel the play

Listen to the rhythm
of your heart
of your breath
of the sky
of the trees
of the creatures
of the water
of the drum
of the dancer
of the sleeper
of the ones who create the space

Let it enter you
Let it enter you

The rhythm is the message, the music is the medium

(c) 2011 Edmund Davis-Quinn
Dedicated to Rites of Spring 2011

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